Swan Botanicals

Swan Botanicals started with the vision to make you look delightful. In any case, how might we
do this? By adding synthetics? No chance! This isn’t what we need or intend to do.
We are set to get this going without utilizing any artificial or chemical compounds.
Yes! Purely Organic!
Frustrated with the disorders of your skin? hair? lifestyle? We have got you all covered.
The mix of natural, herbal and organic ingredients in Swan Botanical products works to treat a
variety of conditions.
Bad skin? We have Goat Milk and Coconut Milk soaps to pamper your skin. Not only do they
moisturize the skin but also remove harmful bacteria from it. The ingredients of Papaya soap
help remove dead skin, exfoliate, and brighten it up. Try our Aloe Vera soap to soothe dry skin
and keep it supple. Pair the soap with our bestselling Face Scrub and help rejuvenate your face
big time. The scrub contains a blend of hand-picked Rose and Hibiscus petals, Lavender buds,
Chamomile and Blue pea butterfly flowers, Orange, and Lemon peel powder. All these elements
help fade scars while improving skin tone and textures.
Damaged hair? Let our oil deal with that to help you get longer, denser, shiny hair in just 60
days. The product contains 18 types of herbs and oils including Bhringraj leaves, Vitamin E oil,
Hibiscus leaves, Neem leaves, Rosemary essential oil, Amla, Kalonji oil, and Virgin olive oil.
Wanna improve your lifestyle? Grab one of our cold-pressed cooking oils that have groundnut,
sesame and coconut extracted right from selected seeds. They will reduce cell damage in your
body and boost your immune system!
See? There’s nature in our products!

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