bath salt

Hey folks! I have finally found the secret to my flawless glowing skin. I am so pumped to finally share with you guys the perfect Bath Salt, that I have always dreamt of having. Meet SWAN BOTANICAL’S BATH SALT, a complete organic formula to a deep cleansed, moisturized skin, that offers vital healing properties to my skin. Made up of purely natural extracts like, Himalayan Pink Salt, Rose Petals, Rose Buds, Lavender Buds, Bergamot Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil, etc. It is literally everything I ever wanted from a bath salt. It’s skin-repairing and insanely hydrating. I too wanted that one bath salt, that everyone would love – a formula that packs a punch with organic ingredients, which also feels amazing on the skin. Honestly, you’re also going to love this if you tend to have oily, acne-prone or combo skin because it’s such a perfect blend of ingredients to treat these skin types.

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